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About Ahoy...

Ahoy Comics is a community based, comic book store that has a MASSIVE collection of trade paperbacks, a brand spanking new collection of single issues, merch that you simply won’t find in generic big name high street stores, an eclectic range of pops that balances fan favourites with those hard to find, obscure gems, a games section cosy enough that the owner can tell you about every single one in (probably too much) detail, trading cards, blind boxes, beautiful figures AND more.

*deep breath*

Jenny, the owner of Ahoy, opened shop in late 2015, with a desire to create a space that everyone would feel welcome in. Whether you’ve read every single issue of Batman and his associated titles, or have seen a movie you really liked and want to find out a little bit more about it’s characters, Ahoy is here for you. We’re open 6 days a week, run a heck of a lot of events, and know our regulars’ names. We like it like that.

Shop local, support your community, get involved. Being a geek is cool.