As a quick heads up, the deadline for recieving a box in May has passed! The next deadline is June 15th, so you’ve got plenty of time to get on board!
  • So… what do I get?

    Sign up for an Ahoy Sub Box, and every month you’ll receive a themed selection of the best merch, games and books we have to offer, with an absolute minimum £35 retail value.
    No filler content, just consistent quality and value.

    Not able to come in and pick your box up? Don’t worry, delivery is free!

  • Interested?

    + Pay month by month and get your sub box for £25.
    + Sign up for a 6 month subscription and pay just £24 per box.
    + Go for a whole year? Your subscription will cost £23 a month AND you’ll get a free gift with your 12th box!

    Click below to set up a direct debit! (what, did you think we’d charge you all at once?)

1 Month


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Our First Box, Your First Box!

The theme of our first box was Heroes and Villains, so while you wait either to receive your goodies or for some awesome photos of the May box’s contents, get excited for June’s theme… (not at all relevant to the general election)